Tuesday, July 12, 2011

WHY did you cut your hair?

This is a question I am often asked: "why did you cut off your dreadlocks?" If you have ever had dreadlocks, you know the burden that they can become. They are heavy, hot and take forever to dry. They stick you in a steriotype, people ask you stupid questions about your hair, and you hear the same questions over and over again like a skipping CD: "do you wash your hair?", "how do you wash your hair", "how long have you had your dreads?" bla, bla, bla... I got sick of answering all the questions, of the steriotyping and the dumbest question of all, every time I would go to a festival "do you deal drugs?" Those are some of the reasons I cut them off. And I was just done. Done with the journey, ready for a fresh start, and to feel the wind in my hair again. Ready to run a brush through it, braid it, be able to wear it up in a ponytail without it giving me a headache.

I still reflect on the journey now, and still I am coming to understand what it meant to me. I would do it again in a heartbeat (and maybe I will one day). I have no regrets. Yes, sometimes I miss them, but it is the past and a lesson in letting go. My journey took me down a 7 year road of natural locks. It was fun to watch how they changed and developed over the years right along with me. SO, without further ado, here is my hair journey in photo's...

 2009 getting long...

 2010, sitting on the dreadies!

2010, loooong

 Jan 2011, dreadhawk. Starting the process of cutting them off...

 April, 2011 Cut them all off except for one dreadie. Super cute pixie cut!

May, 2011 Purple Mohawk! So much fun. I had always wanted to do this! Only had it for two weeks or so though...

The ultimate goal! A shaved head! Didn't get a photo when it was pretty much bald. It grew back suuuper fast! I absolutely have zero regrets. I think every woman should try shaving their head at least once. It is sooo liberating!

Today! I think I've got about two inches of growth going on now. In about a year I should have long hair I can braid again! So looking forward to seeing how it looks as it grows out. My first time ever having short hair as an adult!

Hair today, gone tomorrow! haha!

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  1. i'm a long time fan of your clothing line....when i saw them cut off, i was sad, they were so amazing!... but i understand completely. i've just completed year one of my journey and they are already getting heavy. crazy how much more your hair weighs when it's dreaded isn't it?!

    i'm glad you started a blog, being stuck in a spot for a few years longer, i love living vicariously through free spirits and gypsy wanderers...